Aarca Sales Tips - #1 - Listen

  • Posted by John-Paul Shields
  • on 23 Feb 12

Too often sales people feel the need to fill the air with noise; they love the sound of their own voice and will waffle on about their product or service, pitching away merrily, but have they got a clue what the client actually wants to buy? Or even what their needs are?

Each of us has two ears and one tongue; we just have to use them in that proportion.

Listening is possibly the most important attribute a salesperson can possess, for how can we sell anything until we listen and assess what the customer actually needs?

Get to know your customer's needs: by all means question them, but listen to the answers rather than waiting to speak yourself, and you will spot opportunity to build relationships, sell, upsell, and even close a deal.

That's why silence is often Golden! 

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